Using page templates

Page templates are an easy way to start writing your content from a set of predefined page layouts. The page templates come in an assortment of layouts which include:

  • large image
  • left image
  • right image
  • home
  • services
  • service article
  • contact
  • map
  • gallery
  • about
  • blog
  • blog article
  • blank

Selecting a page template

1. To choose a page template navigate to the content manager at dashboard/content.

2. Click on the add page button.

3. Select a template to start with.

4. The page will then load with the template ready for you to personalise

Resetting a page using a page template

It is also possible to reset the content of a page using a page template. 

Please note that this will remove any content you may have added to the page.

To reset a page using a page template:

1. Navigate to the edit page of one of your pages eg dashboard/content/edit/1

2. Click the reset page button

3. Select a template to use

4. When the page reloads, the content will be reset using the content from the page template.

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