How to add a new event category

Feelbettr events can be organised into categories. Each event is assigned to it's own category which makes it possible to display events on a page grouped by a specific category.

1. To create a new category go to the events page in your dashboard.

2. Then click on the event categories button.

3. In the modal that appears type the name of the new category you want to create.

4. Then click the add button.

5. The new category will now appear in the list of categories below.

6. Please note that categories that have events assigned to them can not be deleted and a question mark with a tooltip will be displayed on the right hand side of the window for that item. On the other hand categories with 0 events can be deleted and a trash can icon will appear that will allow the user to delete the category.

7. After a event category has been created it will now appear in the event edit page in the page settings panel. To assign your event to the new category select the category in the select box and then save your item.

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