Using the page image for events and pages

All Feelbettr event and profile pages have the ability to have an image associated to it.

The image is separate from the content on the page but can be used when displaying the event or page in a listing. Think of this as a way of having a thumbnail for an article without needing to display the thumbnail on the page itself.

An example can be seen below. The thumbnail images for the events are the page images that we will learn how to set in the next steps.

Assigning an image to an event or page.

1. In the edit view for the event or page you want to edit click the page settings button.  

2. In the page settings sidebar you will see the image option.

3. Click on the upload image button to view your media library.

4. Select an image from the the media library to use as the image for that page. It is possible to choose from a range of preset image sizes and shapes or just select the original image by clicking on the image preview.

5. When you have selected the image it will now appear in the page settings sidebar.

6. Click save to save your changes.

7. Now in any widget that displays this event or page you will see the newly applied page image. Widgets can be used to embed content on the page in order to display a collection of articles or events.

8. When you click through to the article or event you will not necessarily see the image in your content unless you have specified that it will be there.

9. You can automatically link the page image in your content using one of the content tags available in the content toolkit.

10. To apply the image tag in your content select the spot in the content where you would like to add the page image.

11. Click the insert tag icon in the content toolkit.

12. Scroll down to the tag that says "image" and click that tag.

13. Now you will see a tag inserted into your content that looks like this {%image%}. 

14. Save your article or event.

15. This will automatically be replaced in your content when your visitors view this page, with the article image you assigned.

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