How to add a new event location

To add a new location for your events follow these steps.

1. Go to the event page in your dashboard. eg

2. Click on the event location button

3. Add the title for your location. This is the name of the location that will be seen in the event edit page.

4. Add the street address and any other details for the location. 

5. Click the add location button.

6. Now after your location has been saved it will appear in the modal window below.

7. To apply this new location to event navigate to an existing or a new event. And int he page settings sidebar settings click on the event times and location accordion. When this is open you will see a map with a select box with the list of locations available. Select the location you want to assign this event to and the map will now be populated with the address of the location you selected.

8. After saving your event the location will now be displayed in the list of events.

9. And in the event location modal you will see that the location now has one event assigned to it.

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