How to publish / unpublish your site

Your Feelbettr site can be easily published or unpublished via the profile panel.

You may want to unpublish your site if you no longer want to have your site be visible to your users. When your site is published it is visible to your visitors, however when it is unpublished the user will be redirected to a Feelbettr holding page.

Please note that unpublishing your site is different to setting your site to be offline. When your site is set to offline visitors will be able to navigate to your site but the offline message and offline image will be shown instead of your page content.

To unpublish / publish your site.

1. Go to the settings / profile panel of your Feelbettr profile.

2. Check the checkbox next to the publish site label as per the screenshot below.

3. Click the update details button to save your changes.

4. When your site is unpublished anyone visiting your site will see a page not available page. 

5. In contrast if your site is set to offline it will look like the screenshot below.

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