Searching the Feelbettr asset library

The Feelbettr Asset library is full of excellent images sourced from the  Unsplash library. In addition to your own images you can search the Feelbettr asset library for images you would like to use in your content.

To add images from the Feelbettr asset library to your own media library is done by following these steps.

1. Navigate to the media manager.

2. Click on the Search for images button in the right column underneath the upload image area.

3. After clicking on the search for images button you will see the images available for use from the asset library. Click on each image you want to add to your library.

4. After clicking on an image in your library it will display with a blue overlay and a check mark will appear indicating that the image has been added to your library.

5. To exit this view click on the cross in the top right hand corner of the screen.

6. After the page reloads, you should now see the images you have added in your media manager. These images are now available for use in your content.

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