Applying filters to images

It is possible to apply a selection of style filters to an image via the Feelbettr media manager to change the appearance of an image. The filters come in a range of different styles that include:

original, negative, bright, sepia, blur, pixelate, vignette, red rock, incognito, athena, hokusai, fes or sizzle.

1. To apply a filter to an image navigate to the media manager.

2. Select the image you want to apply the filter to.

3. On the image edit screen select the filter to apply to the image. When a new filter is selected the preview image will be displayed with the filter applied.

4. To save the new filter click the save image button in the top right hand corner.

5. After your image has been saved it will be available in the media library modal window for you to insert into your content.

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