How to upload an image

Uploading images in Feelbettr is done via either the media manager or via the media manager modal window.

Uploading via the media manager.

1. Navigate to the media manager

2. Uploading images can either be done by clicking on the upload area on the right hand side of the media manager or by dragging images from your desktop (or any other folder) onto the upload area.

After selecting the image that you want to upload you can see the upload progress in the upload area.

3. And when the image upload is complete you can see the newly uploaded image in the media library.

4. Your image will now be available to use in the media library modal window.

Uploading images via the media library modal

In addition to uploading images via the media manager, it is possible to upload images in the media library modal window. The media library modal window can be found in the content editor and elsewhere in the Feelbettr settings where you can assign an image eg clinic logo settings.

As an example if you wanted to upload an image to your library while editing a content item you would:

1. Click on the image you want to edit.

2. Click the select new image button

3. Drag an image to the upload area on the right hand side of the window.

4. You will then see the image uploading

5. Once uploaded the image will be available for use in your content.

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