An overview of the Feelbettr dashboard

The Feelbettr dashboard is organised into a number of different panels. Each panel contains related settings that help you to control the look and feel of your site as well as control it's content.

Dashboard Panel

This is the panel that you will see after logging in for the first time.

Settings Panel

The settings panel contains the settings for the site wide settings for your site. These include settings such as setting your custom url, site title, publishing and unpublishing your site, offline page, multi language support, contact form, sitemap, GDPR settings etc.

Profile Panel

This is where details such as practitioner name, the modalities that you practice, clinic details and clinic opening hours is stored.

Team Panel

If you are using the Feelbettr team option, the Team is where you can add new team members, edit team members and remove team members.

Pages panel

The pages menu item links directly to the content manager for your site. From there you can also navigate to the menu panel and the events panel.

Menu Panel

The menu panel is where you can control the links in your main menu and footer menu.

Events Panel

The Events panel is like the content panel and it is where you can create, edit and manage your events.Documents Panel

The document panel is an internal repository of documents for your users.  You can use the document are to supply documents for specific user groups which are configured in the team panel.

Appearance Panel

The appearance panel is an internal preview of your site. You can use this to select a new theme, make changes to an existing theme and test how it looks at different screen sizes and devices.

Media Manager Panel

The media manager is where you can manage all of the assets you upload to your site. This includes images, pdf's and other documents.

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