Assigning an asset to a user group

As described in the user group article it is possible to classify your team members into different user groups. One of the advantages of doing this is that you are able to assign different assets from your media manager to be available for specific groups of people.

In the example below we have a number of primary groups - Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher and Osteopath. And in addition to this we have a number of secondary groups - Working Group 1, Working Group 2, Working Group 3.

It is possible to select assets for display that will only be seen by the members who are assigned to the group you specify. Assets can be assigned in the following way:

  • Select a group (No assignment)
  • All team Members
  • Either a primary or secondary group

Assigning an asset to a specific user group

In the example below we are assigning the asset to be only visible for members assigned to working group 1 - a secondary group in our dashboard. To do this you need to follow these steps:

  1. In the Feelbettr dashboard navigate to the media manager.
  2. Click on the asset you want to assign
  3. In the left hand panel scroll to the permission area and select a group to assign the asset to. Working Group 1.
  4. Click save.

Once the asset is assigned the asset will now be available in the any member of your team who is in that group.

How do team members access their documents?

When a team member has at least one document assigned to them they will see a new menu item in the main navigation for the dashboard called documents. There is also an additional tile in the dashboard home page called documents. However before they see that we need to see how to assign a user to a specific group.

Now that the user has been assigned to a group and we have an asset assigned to the group, if we login as that user then they should be able to see the asset in their document area.

In the case below the user can see the asset we assigned to the user group eg the mountain image, as well as all of the other assets that are assigned to all team members.

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