Introduction to User Groups

Profiles added to your feelbettr team can be classified into various groups. Groups can be used in a number of ways depending on your needs. User groups can be divided into two type - primary and secondary.

Primary Groups

Primary roles can be used to classify and "group" your users for the public facing websites of your site. As an example you may like to group the members of your team by the type of practice they offer e.g. Yoga Teacher, Osteopath, Acupuncturist. 

Primary groups can be set in the manage group modal in the team area of the dashboard by clicking the star next to the name of the role to make it active.

Primary groups can be displayed on the profiles for your team on the webpages as per the screenshot below. The label Breathwork Facilitator is the primary role for the team members listed below.

Secondary Groups

Whereas primary groups are used for display purposes the secondary groups are used more for administrative purposes in your dashboard. 

Secondary groups can be used to create separate groups for various types of users such as working group 1, working group 2 and working group 3. These groups can then be used to assign documents to, send direct messages to (coming soon) and post notifications in the user dashboard (coming soon).

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