Getting help for your Feelbettr website

We have a range of avenues that allow you to easily access support for your Feelbettr website.

Support Portal

The Feelbettr support portal should be your first stop on getting any answers to your Feelbettr questions. The support portal is a living knowledgebase that is growing daily. This is where you will find helpful answers, how-tos and descriptions of the functionality in Feelbettr.


The beacon is a built in functionality that links directly to the Feelbettr support portal. From any page in the Feelbettr dashboard you can access the information from the support portal. 

To access beacon go to any page of the dashboard and click the link at the bottom right of the page.

The panel will give you a list of suggested topics and provide the ability to search through the knowledgebase. You can click on any item and read the contents of the document right inside the beacon window.

Email Support

Feelbettr also uses a state of the art helpdesk to help handle direct queries to issues that our users might face. 

Sending an email to support can be done via the beacon tool by clicking the send message button and entering the details of your request. Feelbettr support is then emailed directly where one of our support crew will attend to your question.

You will receive an email confirming the request that you sent and then receive any updates to your email via email. 

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