How to add a translation to a content item

In sits that have the translation option enabled it is possible to create specific translations of events and pages using your pre-selected languages.

How to add a new translation to a content item.

  1. The create translation button will appear after a page is created and then saved. 
  2. The dropdown will give you the option to select from a list of pre-selected languages.
  3. Click on the language you want to create the translation for.
  4. Once the page loads you can add your translation for the content for that item.
  5. Click save to save the translation
  6. Click the view original article button to view the content for the original item.
  7. Now when hovering over the create translation button you will see a blue tick next to the new translation you have created.
  8. The content item will now be available for the language you have chosen according to the following rule: [language two letter code]/page-name. eg

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