The first thing you see on the Feelbettr dashboard is the collection of quicklink buttons. These buttons help you to focus on important actions when operating your Feelbettr website.

View your site

This is a duplicate of the home icon in the toolbar that when clicked will open your website in a new browser window.

Please note: When your site is unpublished this button is changed into a publish your website button.

Site Settings

This panel holds all of the generic settings available for your website.

 These settings include:

  • The publish state of your website
  • Your sites profile url
  • Your sites title and tagline
  • The ability to add your site to the Feelbettr directory
  • The ability to hide / show the Feelbettr footer
  • Contact form settings
  • Offline settings
  • Google Analytics Id
  • Mailchimp url
  • Custom url

For full details on all of these settings please view the page regarding site settings.

Edit Profile

The edit profile button takes you to the profile page of your website. This page holds all of the relevant information for your practitioner / therapist profile.

On this page you can:

  • Upload your profile image
  • Set your practitioner contact details including social networks
  • Add a paragraph for an about us block, add your qualifications.
  • Add services / modalities you offer
  • Clinic details including address.
  • Clinic opening hours.

For a full overview of these details please view the profile edit page.

Upload an image

This button takes you to the Feelbettr media manager where you can upload images, view other images in your library as well as rename, edit and apply filters to images.

Select a Theme

This button takes you to the theme selection page. This is where you can set the theme to be used for your website. After selecting a theme you can click on the settings button to be taken to the settings page for that theme.

Get Help / Support

This button will launch the support portal that you are currently browsing.  Out knowledge base contains the most update information for using the Feelbettr system.

 You can also submit a support request from within the support portal or via the support popup in the bottom right hand corner of each page.

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